About us

Modernity , mobility , service and quality

Dedicated to the winding , repair and sale of electric motors and water pumps with their Vilanova and Vilafranca .

One feature that has been with us for over 50 years has been the ability to adapt and we have always given importance to the quality of service.

Due to the rising cost of labor of our work is increasingly linked to the sale. This evolution of the market has grown commercially , offering a wide range of brands and products to our customers.

In recent years, we have focused on improving our facilities , building a testbed that allows electrical and hydraulic testing engines up to 430 kw and 170 kw hydraulic tests up to a flow rate of 180m3 / h.

We also improved aspects in the repair process , a drying oven large capacity that allows all motors windings are accustomed Taller varnished and then dried at a temperature of between 90 ° – 120C , and air improving significantly the result of isolation. Another improvement has been included in the process of sandblasting machine with corundum microparticles , this provides a cleaning ferrous much more effective and durable.

The future

We continue to work to continue to improve and expand the services we offer . Our main goal is to never lose what has brought us where we are during these 50 years effort, sense of responsibility , respect for our work and what we do.

Tallers Soler ‘s team continues to work with the goal of being the best professional and better every day people