Flameproof motors, EX d / Ex de IIB / IIC T4

Flameproof motors, EX d / Ex de IIB / IIC T4
Zone 1,2

ABB offers a complete range of high and low voltage motors flameproof from 0.55 to 4,500 kW.
Certified according to EN standards, comply with the ATEX directives and various international regulations
The low voltage flameproof motors fulfill the requirements of efficiency class IE2.
Flameproof motors are designed to withstand any damage the pressure caused by an internal explosion can cause and prevent the spread to the outside of the flame produced.

ABB flameproof motors fulfill the IE2 efficiency class according to IEC 60034-30, 2008 and Epact records.

Protection type:                Ex d / Ex de
Power 0,55 a 630 kW
Size IEC 80 a 400
Number of poles 2 a 8
Voltage All commonly used
Frequency 50 o 60 Hz
Protect IP 55
Protect type For zone 1 or 2
Temperature class T1 – T4
Certification In accordance with the ATEX directive and IEC standard (GOST) Russia
  • As a standard applicable to VSD
  • Variants for different standards in the oil and gas sector.
  • Using the open sea and with most classification societies