Places in the presence of flammable vapors or gases . These possible formation of explosive atmospheres at any time , for example, the areas of transfer of liquid explosives, paint booths , storage of solvents , etc. . Are subdivided according to the probability of the presence of explosive atmosphere : Zone 0 : permanent […]

Explosive environment

Explosive environment Hazardous atmospheres may be classified as : • Non explosive athmosphere : the athmosphere doesn’t contain explosive elements and all kinds of standard products can be used . • Explosive Atmosphere : The atmosphere contains potentially explosive elements , both gas and dust. Explosive atmospheres are defined as ” hazardous area ” countries […]

Atex rules

The three regulations governing health and safety in explosive atmospheres are: Royal Decree 400/1996 concerning equipment and protective systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres ( ATEX 94/9/EC Directive Transposition of -100 ) . Royal Decree 400/1996 (ATEX-100) establishes the essential safety requirements for equipment and systems , the various modules and quality systems certification […]

Protection against dust

Protection against dust explosive You can use various types of protection to meet the ATEX Directive EHSR depending on the area where the equipment is installed . The purpose of protection is to prevent the engine from becoming a possible explosive source . The technical solution depends EHSR of ATEX Directive according to the category […]

Increased safety ‘ e ‘

Increased safety ‘ e ‘ This protection prevents sparks or other surface temperatures that occur in normal and abnormal situations for which the engine is certified . The corresponding echo Directed ATEX Category 2 follow : Potential sources of ignition such as sparks, flames, electric arcs and other ignition sources must not occur. List of […]

Atex type of equipment

The equipment to work on these types of atmospheres are grouped by : 1) Devices Group I : To work in the mines or outdoor installations where explosive atmospheres may occur . a. Category M 1: very high level of protection . b . Category M2 : high level of protection 2) Devices Group II […]