Frequency converters

The low voltage frequency converters used to control speed and torque in induction motors standard workhorse in industrial applications.

ABB is a world leader in frequency converters and motors

  • Microconvertidors frequency ABB

    ACS55 and ACS150
    0.18 to 4 kW
    0.25 to 5 hp

  • Drives ABB general purpose

ACS310 y ACS550
0.75 to 355kW
0.5 to 550hp

  • ABB Industrial Drives
ACS800 and ACS880
0.55 a 5600 kW
  • ABB Drives Machine
ACS850-04 and ACS355

0.18 to 560kW
  • ABB motion control products

0.75 to 160kW

1 to 200hp

  • ABB Drives for specific applications

ACH550 and ACQ810

at 0.37 to 400kw