Repair of pumps with extensive experience in the repair of submersible pumps , mixers and aerators . Thanks to our facilities and testing , we can try all kinds of bombs in real burden , bringing the customer a real graphics performance pump once repaired .

Repair ABS :

Domestic and commercial water residual
Products and solutions for the collection of water from residual housing and public facilities and transportation to the municipal sewerage . The offering includes ABS pumps for small wastewater lifting stations and prefabricated pumping stations . ABS solutions are synonymous with reliability, efficient operation and easy installation.

Networks drainage
Products and solutions for municipal sewer wastewater . The range of equipment includes ABS pressure pumping systems and pumping stations in the sewer system , central pumping stations , pumping head of plant and stormwater pumping stations . Our solutions are backed by a deep understanding of the application and to design equipment tested and certified , and a total entendiment of how the network of collectors to collect water .

Treatment of wastewater
Products and solutions for the phases of pre / mechanical separation and treatment of sewage and industrial . Our solutions include equipment such as pretreatment phase gratings coarse and sieves to type Monoscreen Rotoscreen , sinfín conveyors , presses desarenadors and solids as well as equipment and solutions for the different processes involved in the treatment , such as ventilation, recirculation pumping, stirring and mixing . The Notro services include technical support from the team selection and the adjustment of the cost of the life cycle , to provide a complete SUPPORT in the operation and maintenance of the plant.

Products and solutions for applications in virtually any situation emptying construction , tunnels , shipyards , dry docks , mines or quarries. Our products are available both for rent and sale, let dry workplace in an economic and efficient . Solutions Group ABS are emptying the optimal combination of equipment, expertise and service. Our bilge pumps are characterized by their modular design , robust construction and easy transport .