Distributor Grundfos oficial , we own stock of common references with full product knowledge and extensive experience in the repair and maintenance of Grundfos pumps .

Grundfos repair service and original spares for:

Circulators pumps for heating systems and hot water .

air Conditioning
Cold water circulators and pumps liquid cooling systems and air conditioning.

Increasing pressure
Centrifugal pumps multicellular lobbying horizontal and vertical traffic and increased fluid pressure .

Groundwater Supply
Submersible pumps for water supply, irrigation , groundwater level decline .

Submistrament domestic water
Submersible pumps , injection pumps , centrifugal pumps and compact systems multifàsiques for domestic water supply .

Bilge pumps , sewage and fecal amplicon for a range of applications in building and transfer of wastewater into municipal sewers .

industrial applications
Pumps and pumping systems for installation in buildings and industrial processes .

Dosing and Disinfection
Metering pumps for chemical injection in all types of water and wastewater treatment and industrial processes .

Renewable energy systems
Solar and wind power systems .

Engines designed according to international standard and submersible motors .

All products
Grundfos pumps and pumping systems .

A wide range of accessories specially selected and designed for Grundfos pumps and pumping systems