Repair factory

We are specialized in repairing all types of water pumps and electric motors with total professionalism and fast responseto our customers demands.

Within our repair process we offer:

  • Quote for the repair
  • Winding of electric motors up to 430kw.
  • Repair Service for Servomotors and c/c motors on all brands.
  • Large capacity oven with 15kw of power and temperature up to 200 ° C.
  • Balancing of rotors up to 750kg.
  • Machine blasting with corundum particles.
  • Testbed electric 430 kW, 170 kW hydraulic and 180m3 / h flow,
  • Delivery of actual graph  performance of the repaired pump.
  • Large  stock parts  in order to speed up the  repaired delivery time.
  • Delivery painted repair.

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