Repair and sale of electric motors MGM

Brake motors M.G.M. three-phase asynchronous motors are built with closed external ventilation .

Brake intervenes lack power and further ensures the accuracy of the stop , the security of instant intervention in case of unintentional interruption of power supply ( suspension in the supply of electric power , faulty installations facilities , etc.). .

The band brake M.G.M. allows powerful braking in both directions of motor rotation without axial sliding of the shaft.

The use of brake motor M.G.M. is therefore particularly suitable for lifting and transferring equipment , transfer machines , tools, in textiles , ceramics and packaging , as well as all situations where speed and accuracy of the stop allow to minimize downtime due to inertia , or to divide the production cycle parts previously established accurately .

M.G.M. motors  arise and are designed to be brake motors : the correct sizing of each of its parts, the precision couplings , simplicity and robustness that characterize the band brake , ensure the high reliability of the brake motor MGM

Across the range, the down- B3 constructively incorporated into the comprehensive cover , this solution provides an important robustness structure effects autofrenant extremely important for the engine , which usually undergo significant efforts during the phases of implementation and stop .

The material that is made of friction surface presents no asbestos , while ensuring excellent performance in terms of duration and torque exerted braking .

The engines are provided with degree of protection IP54 , insulation materials are class F

On request , we can supply the engine with higher degree of protection ( IP55 or IP56 ) and insulation class H. All engines M.G.M. are particularly suitable to be fed investor.

On request can be supplied with the motor shaft out twice with devices to measure the speed ( Tachometer Generators ) and the angular position of the axis ( encoder ) .

MGM brake motors series are divided into BA and BM .

BA series
The BA series three-phase asynchronous motors comprises brake autofrenantes group fed with alternating current .

At the request of the group can be supplied with brake power with DC rectifier located inside the terminal box .

The rectifier is equipped with overvoltage protection devices and radio frequency emissions .

BA Series includes motors with shaft height between 71 mm and 225 mm. All BA series engines are supplied as standard with manual release screw brake .

The cooling fan motors BA and CF series is between the engine and the brake band .

The mobile anchor and the electromagnet has a laminated magnetic core to reduce losses and allow the brake to intervene with extreme speed.

Important characteristics of the BA series motors are:
a very short reaction time the brakes to unlock as much braking a couple frenante high consistency in the downtime , the ability to withstand a frequency cycles and a very high workload .
BM series
The BM series consists of three-phase asynchronous motors with brake  works in DC and shaft height between 63 mm and 160 mm.

The brake power is produced through a rectifier located inside the terminal box .

The rectifier is equipped with overvoltage protection devices and a filter against radio frequency emissions .

The cooling fan is located at the rear of the engine.

Important characteristics of the BM series motors are:
the silent during extreme braking , the progressive phase of starting and stopping the engine, an important compacticitat by size .

In addition, the series BA and BM can be performed in the following versions:

– PV ( BAPV , BMPV ) that allows gradual starts and stops , especially suitable for translational movements
-F ( BAF ) with dual disc brake torque and high frenante
– SV , AV ( basva , BMAV ) with forced ventilation


In Europe, the Commission Regulation 640/2009 adopted on 22 July 2009 specifies the ecodesign requirements applicable to electric motors . In particolar , the regulation establishes minimum performance levels must have engines .
The scope of the EuP Regulation includes three phase induction motor squirrel cage 50Hz or 50/60 one speed, with the following properties:

Potencias 0.75 kW to 375 kW
2,4,6 – shirts
For continuous service
Rated voltage up to 1000V
Autofrenants engines are excluded from the rule.

The engine brake series have a BA and BM IE1 class performance . Although brake motors are excluded from the EuP regulations , are available upon request with class IE2 or IE3 performance ( BAX series and BMX ) . In this case you must specify the command as a variant of the standard version .

Autofrenantes motor series BA and BM