Repair and sale of electric motors


Autorized distibutor  factory for ABB motor with its own stock of standard AC motors . Our technical department seeks for the best technical and economic solution ATEX motors , flameproof motors C / C servo motors and frequency converters ABB . Technical support for ABB : Low Voltage Motors ABB presents low voltage AC power […]


CIME brand motors are manufactured according to the international standards and especcificacions eurpees, offering superb value for money at present. Are three-phase asynchronous motors with rotor squirrel box, ventilated IC411, insulation class F, degree of protection IP55. MS series is constructed of aluminum and includes the size range 56 to 160. EGJ engines are cast […]


Three-phase asynchronous motor Produced entirely in Germany, its quality is simply top. Cast iron engines across the range of sizes from 56 to 355. Engine speed from 2 to 24 poles, two, three and four-speed brake, ring or wound rotor. For potentially explosive atmospheres ATEX motors, increased safety, flameproof, Spark-proof, areas 21 and 22. For […]


Brake motors M.G.M. three-phase asynchronous motors are built with closed external ventilation . Brake intervenes lack power and further ensures the accuracy of the stop , the security of instant intervention in case of unintentional interruption of power supply ( suspension in the supply of electric power , faulty installations facilities , etc.). . The […]

Other brands of motors

We work with most motors manufacturers on the market with its own stock brands such as Elektrim, Siemens and ALREN, and large parts in stock to ensure a quick and effective repair of any motor.