Distributor with extensive experience in the repair of submersible pumps , mixers and aerators , thanks to our facilities and testing , we can try all kinds of bombs in real burden , bringing the customer a graph of actual performance of a pump once repaired .

Flygt service technician to :

Technology “N ” anti- jam
Pumps and LL PL series Vertical Helix
Internal recirculation pumps PP series
Pumps crushers series M
Pumps Autonetjadores Series “N ”

About us recognized the 5000 series pumps mud pumps and our helecoidal mud snail .

Emptying water
Known for its reliability , the concept of the submersible bilge pump was created by Flygt 1947 . Since then they have forged his own reputation , being preferred for such applications .

Clean Water
Flygt pumps manufactured since 1919 to clean water. Flygt back into the world of clean water , and makes it hard . The consolidation of ITT Fluid Corporation as the largest pump manufacturer in the world strengthens commitment in this field.